For accomplishing marketing mandates and capitalizing on immense marketing opportunities offered by European Union, we excel at assisting our Business Partner and Market Leader SUNFLEX RUBBER (INDIA), in marketing successfully Recycled Rubber Products in UK and other European Countries. The comprehensive product portfolio we handle at present includes Premium Reclaim Rubber (Tested by Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association – IRMRA); Recycled Rubber Tiles & Rubber Paver Blocks (Tested by RAPRA, UK); Rubber Doormats; & other value added Rubber Products

In strategic tie-up and collaboration with our business partner SUNFLEX RUBBER (INDIA), the products we currently promote and market in UK and European Union at present includes

Reclaim Rubber

Recycled Rubber Tiles & Paver Blocks;

Rubber Doormats, and

Other value added Rubber Products

With the philosophy of “aggressive marketing for brand establishment through enhanced coverage”, we excel at assisting our business partners based in India to accomplish marketing objectives by capitalizing on immense marketing opportunities offered by European Union, from our office based at London (UK).

As a consummate marketer and accomplished market player, our strategic strengths cover practically all the focal areas of marketing such as;

a. Design entry strategy and launch new products in the European Markets

b. Design, implement and monitor strategies to capitalize on market opportunities

c. Develop effective value propositions for accelerating demand generation process;

d. Determine optimal marketing mix for improving targeted performance

e. Design channel strategies besides optimizing Corporate and Institutional sales

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